Adulting & Exercise

Often I get asked , “How do I fit exercise into my daily life?” This is often challenging for people, as “adulting” is very busy. Life gets chaotic, and I must admit, routines change. Creating activity within the context of daily living will produce the most positive outcome.

I tell my patients to increase their activity in baby steps. This might mean parking a little farther away at the store or taking stairs every opportunity that comes. There needs to be a focus to move, movement is essential for the human body to thrive. Computers have changed the way we function and in many respects have increased the quality of life for many. However, staying active has become increasingly difficult as more jobs are sedentary. Sedentary adulthood contributes to physical dysfunction and deconditioning. This results in a reduction of muscle mass and reduced metabolism.

For those who have been stuck in the rut of adulthood, walking, whether in the evening or in the early morning is a great way to start. Start with a few blocks and increase as you gain strength and stamina. Use a fit bit to track your steps and increase both your heart rate goals and steps. Adjustments can be made to incorporate fitness activities that work for you and your body. Make goals that are achievable to gain confidence. You will find yourself excited to increase those goals and gain more energy. As time goes on, you can start to incorporate other activities or increase your speed and distance. Find others who can exercise with you or an accountability partner who can be your cheerleader. Surround yourself with those who energize you and not deplete you! Love yourself enough and realize you are worth it!

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