A Healthy Thanksgiving

With the holiday season just around the corner, healthy eating often comes to halt. Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends come together and feast to give thanks for prosperity and loved ones. One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the food! It can be hard to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle when the holiday season seems to be centered on food. I believe that it is possible for you to enjoy delicious dishes during Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season, while still maintaining your healthy lifestyle and eating choices.

One of my favorite dishes that my family traditionally makes for Thanksgiving is ratatouille. Yes, the dish from the children’s movie! Ratatouille is a delicious baked vegetable dish that consists of onions, zucchini, tomatoes, and eggplant. It is traditionally smothered with a tomato sauce and can be topped with a balsamic glaze or cheese, and is even delicious on its own. Here is a link to a recipe I use. https://acleanbake.com/ratatouille/

Another mouthwatering dish that my family makes for Thanksgiving is pumpkin soup. My husband makes this from scratch, starting off with a fairytale pumpkin. Let me tell you, his soup belongs in a fairy tale. He boils the pumpkin until it is soft, then blends it with a variety of spices, cooked vegetable base, and some vegan creamer. Lastly, he tops the dish off with a few drops of pumpkin seed oil. This is another vegetable-based seasonal dish that belongs on the Thanksgiving table. My husband has mastered this dish, so he doesn’t use a recipe. However, here is a recipe that is very similar. I also recommend that you buy pumpkin seed oil. It is available on Amazon and a necessity to topping off pumpkin soup! https://lovingitvegan.com/vegan-pumpkin-soup/

Now, on a more traditional note, you might be wondering about the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table: the turkey! My family and I are vegan, so we make a homemade Tofu-turkey stuffed with homemade stuffing. However, for you meat-eaters out there, you still can enjoy turkey on Thanksgiving day! Turkey can be a great source of lean protein. I recommend having a thin slice of turkey breast to enjoy with your other vegetable courses. Turkey breast tends to have less saturated fat and lower caloric content.

I would imagine most will indulge in some other family “specialties” that may or may not fit into your everyday diet. If you indulge, perhaps keep the portions small and incorporate activity into your festivities!

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