So What Exactly is Direct Primary Care?

As some of you may know, Wildflower Primary Care and Wellness is offering Direct Primary Care. This is a modern approach to health and wellness, which I truly believe in. Direct Primary Care or DPC is a membership-based alternative to traditional insurance billing or self-pay. Members can book same-day appointments, receive 24/7 telemedicine visits, receive unlimited provider access, and longer visit times through a small monthly membership fee. Members can receive a multitude of services for free through DPC. This is a great plan for those with no insurance, high deductible insurance or who just want a better provider-patient relationship. This allows the provider to truly focus on the complete wellness of each patient, which is my goal as a provider. I want to enable every patient to focus on them being the healthiest they can be! In my practice, basic labs and in-office procedures are even included in the membership!

Studies have shown that DPC patients have a lower BMI, improved blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and better control of diabetes and other chronic illnesses. This leads to better overall health! DPC patients also experience a 30-50% lower hospital admission rate, up to 90% savings on prescriptions annually, and 30-60% less on hospital visits, outpatient visits, and specialty visits. This adds up to up to about $3,000-$5,000 yearly savings! That’s right, five thousand dollars!

As you can see, the DPC model is amazing for patients. In my practice, it also enables me to truly focus on patient care, which is my passion. Most insurance-based medical practices function with less than 15 minutes a patient to evaluate and discuss their health. They evaluate and treat thousands of patient in a year, which makes it difficult to create a one on one relationship. My practice even has a member cap, which limits the number of members I can have, so I truly have time to focus on patient care. This medical model is new but is rapidly becoming more popular for obvious reasons. At Wildflower Primary Care & Wellness, we enable you to focus on the healthiest you!

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