What is a “Focus on the Healthiest You?”

In honor of New Years’ and New Years’ Resolutions, I wanted to discuss Wildflower’s motto. Our motto here at Wildflower Primary Care and Wellness is “a focus on the healthiest you.” As a medical and wellness practice, we strive to enable patients to begin to reach this goal of the “healthiest you.” But you might be wondering, what really is a focus on the healthiest you?

A focus on the healthiest you is the active attempt of an individual to reach complete wellness. This has no restrictions. You can begin to do this at any age, weight, or time of the year (no, not just beginning on January 1st). However, this is a convenient time where most people step back, assess their lives and selves, and determine what they want to improve or grow in. I am challenging each of my patients and readers to begin to “focus on the healthiest you” and strive to reach complete wellness.

This is not a diet, exercise regimen, or frequent general office check-ups to ensure health, although it can include all of these. Wildflower offers both holistic and traditional medical approaches to pain management, chronic disease management, weight loss, hormone optimization, and complete health. Each treatment is individualized to the patient, so they receive the care that they are hoping for. Our Direct Primary Care membership can also help with this because the patient can receive longer, unlimited office and telemedicine visits. This can help them receive the highest level of care and feel comfortable with the treatments they undergo. Start this new year with a Focus on the Healthiest You through Wildflower’s extensive individualized services and treatments. 

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